2019 Schedule & Pricing

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Payment Policies

Registration fees, recital fees, & costume fees are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.

All Costume Range Between $50-$100 & include Shipping and Handing Fee.

*We charge $30 per student for a registration fee. The registration fee covers the costs of paperwork processing and computer time required to set up your student in the attendance and tuition-billing system. It also covers your dancer’s insurance, music license fees and studio communication costs—all separate expenses from class tuition.

*Children must be potty trained in order to take classes.

Class Descriptions

Ballet Ages 3-6
This class is the student’s first introduction to formal ballet class structure. Students learn basic dance vocabulary as well as dance class etiquette. Barre work is introduced and stretching and strengthening exercises are given.

Creative Movement Ages 3-6
Creative movement is a form of dance that provides the potential for personal expression. Rhythm and movement games teach students new ways to express themselves. Students are encouraged to explore space and enjoy dancing by drawing inspiration from a range of external stimuli including music, props, emotions and working with other dancers.

Afro Caribbean Dance Ages 6-8

This fun filled class will teach dancers the basics and fundamentals of dance, techniques, songs, and the historical context of dances throughout the African Diaspora.

Ballet Ages 7-14
Foundations of ballet alignment, basic positions, carriage of the arms, and class etiquette are introduced. Dancers learn about articulation of the feet and ankles, rotation of the hips (or “turn out”), skips, and jumps. As they progress, students explore challenging barre exercises, turns, leaps, slow balances (adagio exercises), and complex combinations.

Modern Dance Ages 7-14
Modern is an expressive form of dance based on the philosophies of Graham, Horton, Hawkins, Brown, and Limon. Classes are designed to encourage a strong foundation in this dance form with an emphasis on individual expression. 

Afrobeat Ages 9-14
This energetic class takes you on a journey across Africa on the dance floors. Let Nado introduce you to the most popular afrobeats music hits and dances from the Ivory Coast, Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Angola. Come experience this lively blend of beats alongside traditional and contemporary movement.

Hip Hop Dance Ages 9-14
This fun and creative Hip Hop class teaches the fundamentals and foundational elements of Hip-Hop dance combing elements of breakdance Hip-hop techniques and signature moves, and floor work. Students will develop musicality, coordination, flexibility, and physical fitness in a fun environment!