Schedule & Pricing

Our classes are appropriate for children ages 3-12 and take place on Saturdays in January.  

1 Class = $15 or 2 Classes for $28.
Class Packages will be available in February when we move to our new studio.

Ages 3-6

Ballet Ages 3-6
w/ Azuri Jenkins
Saturdays Beginning January 13th
These classes will introduce younger students to basic ballet vocabulary and technique in a structured yet fun setting. Simple coordination, musicality, rhythm and concentration will be emphasized. Students are encouraged to explore space and enjoy dancing.

Creative Movement Ages 3-6
w/Azuri Jenkins
Saturdays Beginning January 13th
Saturdays 11:05am-11:55am
A preschooler’s introduction to dance. Rhythm and movement games teach students new ways to express themselves. Students learn basic dance elements and vocabulary, space, time and body awareness, as well as dance class etiquette. 

Ages 7-12

w/ Carol Lonnie
Saturdays Beginning January 13th
This class is the student’s first introduction to formal ballet class structure. Stretching and strengthening exercises are given, barre work is introduced with a greater emphasis on vocabulary. 

w/ Carol Lonnie
Saturdays Beginning January 13th
This class focuses on body isolations, syncopated rhythms along with high level movements.  Jazz dance provides the individual to interpret their own style and express their own individuality.  Students learn technical exercises to improve full body fluidity by using locomotive movements and choreographic dance combinations.

Hip Hop  
w/Keomi Tarver
Saturdays Beginning January 13th
This fun and creative Hip Hop class teaches the fundamentals and foundational elements of Hip-Hop dance combing elements of breakdance Hip-hop techniques and signature moves, and floor work. Students will develop musicality, coordination, flexibility, and physical fitness in a fun environment!