"Laci is enthusiastic, kind hearted, a great dance leader, and very thoughtful about my limitations and medical status. She went out of her way to make sure I knew about prenatal exercise guidelines before we started. She also was willing to customize our classes to dance moves I love! Plus, the workout was just what my body needed. Can't recommend her highly enough." -Claire N.

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I've always turned my back on Zumba until trying my first class recently and the fast-paced rhythm wore me out like a pair of cheap leggings. Never wanted to do Zumba after that.

My friend signed us up for a class with Fit4Dance, even though I hesitated but before the class, Laci was very helpful and communicated well with us since it was our first time. I came to class a little later than anticipated but Laci was so sweet and came up to me and introduced herself. 

Having not enjoyed my previous Zumba experience, it's pretty safe to say that she restored my faith in Zumba again because I've been Zumba-ing more than often lately. She was all smiles and full of positive energy throughout the whole session, which is really important and stimulating to make your workout enjoyable. You could totally sense her enthusiasm and passion for dancing and it was infectious. I had a lot of fun dancing and she made sure we got the moves right by dancing with us side-by-side. The freestyle dance was my favorite part because it was so empowering and everyone was so supportive--so. much. girl power.

If you're looking to sweat with some smiles and some high energy in the air, Laci's Zumba classes is the way to go!

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"These classes are wonderful!  Laci is an amazing dancer and does a great job breaking it down for us non-dancers.  She always has such a positive attitude too!  There are good routines with great music.  It just feels like I'm having fun with a low pressure atmosphere.  By the end, it is a super hard workout that you sort of tricked yourself into doing.    You can really tell she love what she does.  And I love it too!.

Sarah C.

You know the moment when you're in a fitness class and you shoot the instructor an evil look because they are really challenging you?  That happened to me in Laci's Zumba class.  Her class is no joke!  It works every muscle in my body and then some.  Yet, it is so much FUN and engaging and her energy is unbelievable.  How does she do this all week and still give 100% in each class?  Her smile is infectious and she's also very encouraging and diligent about correcting our form, in order to prevent injuries. 

I don't have a lot of time to work out, so when I do, I want to feel like I didn't waste my time.  I've taken Zumba classes in the past that get to the cooldown and I wonder when we even started.  I didn't even break a sweat!  That has never been the case in Laci's class.  I pray for the cooldown in hers.  Lol.

Fabiola C.

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"I have taken a few zumba classes before and the one I took with Laci on Saturday was definitely my favorite ever! I was absolutely exhausted and drenched in sweat afterward, but felt like I'd just been at a dance party and not an exercise class. Everyone in the class was a regular and clearly excited to be there. I'll definitely be back!!" ~Alecia C.

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