I've always turned my back on Zumba until trying my first class recently and the fast-paced rhythm wore me out like a pair of cheap leggings. Never wanted to do Zumba after that.

My friend signed us up for a class with Fit4Dance, even though I hesitated but before the class, Laci was very helpful and communicated well with us since it was our first time. I came to class a little later than anticipated but Laci was so sweet and came up to me and introduced herself. 

Having not enjoyed my previous Zumba experience, it's pretty safe to say that she restored my faith in Zumba again because I've been Zumba-ing more than often lately. She was all smiles and full of positive energy throughout the whole session, which is really important and stimulating to make your workout enjoyable. You could totally sense her enthusiasm and passion for dancing and it was infectious. I had a lot of fun dancing and she made sure we got the moves right by dancing with us side-by-side. The freestyle dance was my favorite part because it was so empowering and everyone was so supportive--so. much. girl power.

If you're looking to sweat with some smiles and some high energy in the air, Laci's Zumba classes is the way to go!