I used to go to a Caribbean Zumba class at the Bed-study YMCA every week, but it mysteriously disappeared. It was a weekly dose of joy. I was at a loss for a few years, doing other, much less fun things to work out. This January I did a class pass trial and this place popped up, a few blocks from my house. Seriously it was a dream come true. I even asked myself if I was dreaming, no joke! :)

The work out is great and the staff and owner are INCREDIBLY sweet and welcoming to everyone. I don't really fit in anywhere, for the most part, and I've tried most NYC gyms over the past 20 years I've been living here. We all know the sort of attitude that is prevalent in many gyms. Not here. Illy welcomed me with open arms, and her vibe is contagiously carried out through other folks in the class.

More recently, I've been doing Beach Body workouts at home because I have an irregular work schedule that doesn't let me make it to classed, but it gets hard to stay motivated. Sometimes I need that group energy to really work up a sweat. I'm so glad I found Fit4Dance. I hear they are moving to a new larger space soon, and I pray they stay in the neighborhood! ~Em S.