Fit4Dance Hosts a Successful Post Thanksgiving Zumba Class

On Saturday November 29th at 10am, seventeen enthusiastic and motivated women ranging from ages 24-76 showed up for a special Post Thanksgiving Zumba Fitness class hosted by Laci of Fit4Dance.  The class was 60 minutes long and was a preview of what Fit4Dance classes are like during the week - FUN & CHALLENGING.  All of the participants danced the entire 60 minutes, many of them eager to not only burn off their Thanksgiving meal, but to  sign up for more classes  especially the Black Friday 50% off special that ends today.  Laci ended the class by thanking everyone for coming and reminding them that whatever form of fitness they choose, it should not only be effective but FUN!   Fit4Dance currently offers adult Zumba fitness classes 4 days a week in Brooklyn and Manhattan. It's not your typical Zumba class.  Check out out all of our pictures by clicking through below!