Fit4Dance sponsors Miss New York Statewide Pageant

The purpose, development and commitment of the Miss New York State wide Organization is to reward achievement and   acknowledge potential while promoting women of all cultures, traditions, backgrounds and age groups throughout New York.

Miss New York State wide Organization aims to provide enormous amounts of opportunities and exposure while enhancing communication skills, performance abilities. Our competitions are not just another beauty pageant, but a place to gain confidence as well as create wonderful long lasting relationships with everyone involved. It also teaches young women to never forget where they came from and helps them learn how to keep the culture alive and well.

Miss New York Statewide is the most unique and exciting pageant system around. Not only are we sticking to pageant traditions, but they have added a modern and unique flair to our pageant system. For more information please contact Asha Bartholomew

Below is a list of Miss New York Statewide events.

1. Miss New York Statewide Pageant Meet and Greet-This is a mandatory event where all the contestants will meet each other as well as the pageant staff. At the event you will be introduced to what will be in store for pageant weekend. Following the meet and greet will be the pageant workshop.

2. Miss New York Statewide Pageant Workshop- This is an optional event. This event will be held right after the Meet and Greet. Whether you are new to pageants or a seasoned vet, our pageant workshop will not only help you with practice for each category but we will have an array of consultants for makeup advice, etiquette and fashion! Come and join the fun for this workshop event.

3. Miss New York Statewide Got Talent-This is an optional event. The Miss New York Statewide Got Talent is a fun an exciting talent show not only for the contestants but for anyone in the public who is interested in showing their skills! The show will be broken up into two halves. The first half will be for the Miss New York Statewide contestants. After each talent is judged, a winner will be announced for each age division. Once this half of the show has concluded it will be time for the second half. This is where anyone interested in showing their talent can compete. You do not have to be a Miss New York Statewide contestant to participate in the second half. There will also be an amazing and exciting fashion show. This part of the show will be for Miss New York Statewide contestants only. More information on the Talent show can be found in the Miss New York Statewide Got Talent tab and more information on the fashion show will be found in the Contestant Handbook.

4. Miss New York Statewide Judges Gala- This is a mandatory event. Pull out the red carpet and get glam for the Judges Gala! The Miss New York Statewide Judges Gala is a banquet event for all contestants and family. All contestants are required to wear a black dress (cocktail or gown). At the gala event you will have your time to shine on the stage and show your friends and family that you are ready to take on the Miss New York Statewide title!