Fit4Dance highlighted by the BOC Women's Business Center

Featured in 3/1/16 Newsletter

BOC Women's Business Center Client Highlight

Congratulations to Laci Chisholm, Owner and Instructor, of Fit4Dance who recently opened the doors to her very own dance fitness studio located at 154 Utica Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn!

We stopped by to speak to Laci about her journey to transitioning to having her own location and took a Zumba class in the process! Laci began working with the WBC over a year ago receiving business counseling, attending WBC workshops and as a participant in the WBC Brooklyn Business Mentoring Program, where she was paired with the owner of WMA Karate Tae Kwon Do who has a studio on Atlantic Avenue. 

Laci was inspired to start Fit4Dance due to her struggles with weight which led to high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Laci began working out, losing weight and after seeing the positive effect of dance in her life, wanted to help others in their weight loss battle. Hence, Fit4Dance was created. For the past two years, Fit4Dance rented studio space in Brooklyn and Manhattan, however Laci was determined to have her own location.

A tip that Laci has for aspiring entrepreneurs is to have a business plan. She stressed that going through the process of creating a business plan for Fit4Dance helped her with the visioning her business and made it easier for her to implement and pivot her business as different issues arose.

Laci loves that Fit4Dance contributes to the community of its neighborhood in Crown Heights. Laci recounted instances where she has received positive feedback that Fit4Dance, being located in a gentrifying community, has served as a place where a variety of people come in to get healthy and in the process neighbors who ordinarily would not speak to each other have a chance to get to know each other, talk and become friends.

Good Luck Laci and we look forward to coming in for another Zumba class soon!

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