I bless the future of this land with my dance...#ILoveAyiti

There's something about this place. I never leave the same way I came. Not knowing your background can make you feel lost. I've been searching for answers my whole life. Have I found them? I'm not so sure, but I believe. I believe I am powerful. I believe I am light. I believe I am love. Wherever I go is my home, but this place...is like no other. It reignites my soul. It fuels my passion. It heightens my spirit. I bless this land with my movement. My body takes control of my mind. I am manifesting peace, love, joy, hope, prosperity, and abundance. The future of me lies in Haiti. It's no coincidence I've been immersed in and fallen in love with the culture. ‪#‎AyitiAdoptMe‬ ‪#‎HaitianDance‬