Fit4Dance is proud to be a leading business in the Best for NYC movement!

We’re proud to announce that Fit4Dance has been recognized by the City of New York as a leading business in this year’s Best for NYC campaign! It’s exciting to be part of a movement that highlights the positive impact businesses can make on their employees, environment, and community. We have committed to work on promoting entry-level or hourly employees.  We are proud to be a business focused on quality jobs for the city of New York.

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What is Best for NYC?

Best for NYC is a campaign and set of business tools designed to enhance business competitiveness and improve quality of life for workers. Launched by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) and powered by the nonprofit organization B Lab, together with the support of community-based organizations, local chambers of commerce, and city agencies, Best for NYC inspires and equips NYC businesses to improve jobs, strengthen communities, and preserve the environment. It is a citywide movement of people using business as a force for good.

Best for NYC centers around the Best for NYC Challenge, a holistic online business assessment which calculates a company’s performance across multiple categories, such as community impact, environmental impact, and job quality. Once complete, the Challenge generates a scored snapshot of the business’s performance, at which point a business can compare itself to others their size and in their industry. They also have the option of accessing best practice and improvement guides. Best for NYC participants are given opportunities to strengthen their bottom line through marketing collateral, employee engagement strategies, and a connection to a values-aligned network.

This campaign shines a light on the inspiring commitment of businesses leaders to uplift their communities and invest in their workers. Across the five boroughs and in various industries and company sizes, business leaders are standing together to improve the quality of life for all New Yorkers and redefine the role that business plays in New York City.