Fit4Dance Field Trip to 60th Anniversary Alvin Ailey Dance Performance

The Alvin Ailey Dance company celebrated its 60th Anniversary this year with its biggest season yet, centered on premieres by some of the most acclaimed choreographers in Ailey’s history. It was a blessing to see it with the Fit4Dance Family. There were 35 of us enjoying and inspired by the incredible performance.

A note from Laci: Had I seen this performance 30 years ago my life may have been totally different. I’d heard of Alvin Ailey as a child but didn’t attend my first Alvin Ailey show until I moved to NYC 12 years ago. Since then it has been the highlight of my holiday season, inspiration for my business, and motivation to achieve greatness. Today Fit4Dance attended the show 35 deep. What a pleasure it was to experience this with my beautiful dance community and expose some of my children to their first Ailey performance. I even got to meet a beautiful dancer Jeroboam Bozeman . It was an amazing day.